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About QAns

QAns is Question and Answer based website. QAns is a place where everyone can express theirs. Which is open for all. Everyone can ask and submit their questions and answer. Read full details about us.

The main aim of QAns is to help others by sharing knowledge. QAns always try to solve user problems by providing an answer. QAns provide the questions and answer according to the search. In this site tab, you can find different categories. Such as technology, blog, marketing, SEO, daily life, education and more. QAns display the questions and answer which are submitted by site admin or site user. In QAns you can find your answer. Or you can submit your questions and wait sometimes for your answer. Besides this user /you can submit your answer on any topic in which you/user expert.

Some Important Note

  1. QAns do not allow any adult topic.
  2. This website is totally free for everyone.
  3. Spam Commenting is not allowing here.
  4. submit your own knowledge with others. And helps others to solve their problems.
  5. Registration with fake email id is not allowed. In case any suspicious activity is found then the account will be blocked or deleted by the administrator without any notice. Read more at FAQs page.

About Admin

Hi, I am Surojit Dutta. I am a part time Blogger. I started Blogging in 2011. Actually Blogging is my hobby, I like to share my knowledge with people(Though I have a small knowledge) who love blogging and want to it. I visit many websites regularly and like to review the different product.

Surojit Dutta is the owner of, In this Blog, I just design for just communicate with each other. Besides this can share useful information And also help other people too.

In the blog ” ” I am trying to share my small knowledge. You can also share your knowledge and experience with this blog and with me and people. So if you like posts on this blog please share it with your friends. Subscribe this blogs post to get notifications directly to your email.

If you have any questions about any topic related to this blog feel free to contact me. You can also fill this form about details information or contact with me at